Cinematography is more than our profession. It's a passion, a commitment - what we love and what we strive to excel at.

Most Wanted Pictures (MWP) is one of Asia’s top cinematography houses.

Headquartered in Singapore and helmed by its Australian founder, Brad Dillon ACS, MWP holds more than 70 major cinematography awards. We have lensed across the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North America, continental Europe and Africa and grown a network of trusted colleagues and crew across these regions.

Since launching in 1999, MWP has become a trusted production partner of Asia’s top-rating television networks and marquee international broadcasters. We have done so on the strength of our vision and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Credits include the world’s first factual 3D TV series, genre-defining documentaries (including Animal Planet & National Geographic’s wildlife/nature series), dramatised documentaries (crime, history, military), reality formats (including rating’s blockbuster The Amazing Race), lifestyle series (food, travel), variety/magazine formats, major sporting and live events, and music videos. 

A documentary biopic on Nobel Prize winner and Timor-Leste's first President, Xanana Gusmao, was MWP's first motion picture and was released through cinemas internationally. A Hero's Journey (aka Where The Sun Rises) won jury and audience prizes at film festivals from Sydney to Dallas to Jakarta.

Corporate clients include iconic global brands and government clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan and the Maldives to name just a few. MWP has also previously delivered professional masterclasses on behalf of Sony, and shot promos and idents for free-to-air and cable.

No matter what stage your project is at, contact us. We are friendly, solutions-focused and determined to make your job easier.
Writing a bio for a man who prizes humility is almost impossible. So we've decided on a different approach...

“Brad Dillon has proven himself to be one of the most talented cinematographers in Asia”[1]. “A committed professional with world-class ability”[2],"one of the best guys I’ve had by my side"[3].“He thinks by segment, not by shot”[4]. Brad “gives his Producer visuals that tell the story”[5]. “A cameraman with a director’s eye,”[6] “his adaptability, eye for composition, and ability to deal with technical challenges set Brad apart.”[7] “His reels are consistently worth at least two of any other's, expensive imports included”[8].

“A master at achieving stunning visuals under any condition,”[9] “the best testament I can give to his material is that he is the favoured cameraman of every editor I work with.”[10] “He understands how the different broadcasters think. And with Channel Branding playing such a pivotal part in TV shows today this kind of support is invaluable to both commissioning editors and production companies.”[11] “Not only is each shot beautifully framed, but the coverage is so good there's almost an infinite number of ways to string a sequence together.”[12]

 “[His] talent in the arts of lighting and framing are far superior to his counterparts in TV film settings.”[13] “Brad and Most Wanted Pictures will always be the first port of call when we need a completely trustworthy and professional creative cinematographer and talent.“[14] “His desire, enthusiasm and common sense in pressure cooker situations was equally matched by his personable, calm and, most importantly, dependable nature.”[15] "A terrific ally for a director,"[16] “I’ve come to the conclusion that having Brad on one of my projects equalled assurance that it is going to look good” [17].

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Kristy Campbell spent four years as a runner and associate producer in one of Singapore’s top television production houses, before attaining a Bachelor in Film and Screen Media Production at Australia’s Griffith University.

Kristy has received a "Best Director" nomination at the Queensland New Film Makers Awards. Two of her films were also accepted into the acclaimed Cannes Short Film Corner: A Picture of War (Writer/Director); and Maxwell and Sierra and the Inside Out (Director of Photography).

While enjoying the challenge of directing, Kristy’s passion is cinematography. Film, stop motion and digital formats form part of an ever-expanding professional repertoire. Upon graduating, Kristy joined Most Wanted Pictures in 2011 where she continues to learn under the tutelage of one of the best in the region.
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